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Over the course of time, I've learned, every place I've gone, everywhere I've been (you're probably saying that's the same thing right? It's not!) whether it was a physical place or ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP. I've left some kind of mark. Some marks were undesirable, others were unforgettable.

Maturity by way of experience has taught me, not everything requires an immediate response. I don't know about you, but most times when I responded immediately it was with whatever that raw emotion was IN THAT MOMENT.. and that was NOT ALWAYS GOOD. As I grew older I decided that I wanted to leave impressions that were favorable and a true testament to my personality and character. By the way, did you know my name, LaTisha, means joy?

People may not always remember what you've said, but they'll always remember how you made them feel. Life is too short to be nasty, mean, argumentative, callous, cantankerous, a Debbie downer and whatever else you can think of that's dark. So, I've come to share some joy. I mean this dress brought me all of the joy and sunshine I needed.

It really all comes back to sewing right? I've had Vogue V9268 in my arsenal for a few years now and finally decided to use it with this lovely techno knit from my shop. Did you miss it? Yep! It sold out before I could get it up on the site good. The pattern is very straightforward, an uncomplicated design yet yields amazingly fabulous results. My two mods - I shortened that deep v-neck and hacked the sleeves. I added gathers at the shoulders and put elastic at the wrist. That was my sprinkle of sunshine as I was making my dress.

This garment/pattern is a dream! It gives a nice form fit yet a free flow. Honey, I added a smile, a little bit of sass and everyone and everything in my aura, THAT DAY, had to lift their spirits..CAUSE BABY...I KEPT SPRINKLING SUNSHINE EVERYWHERE I WENT. While the dress is what others saw at first glance, it was my disposition that left the mark. A sweet hello, a kind thank you, a gentle nod, and a soft smile goes a long way.

You must make this dress. You will not be able to look yourself in the mirror and not feel great, unless of course, your fabric choice isn't right, but that's none of my business. Pssst, check my site though, you're sure to find a beautiful solid color or print that would look gorgeous in this style. Know this the world needs your smile, it needs your light, it needs your joy, gone and SPRINKLE THAT SUNSHINE, but remember it must come from within. So spread some sunshine to yourself FIRST, THEN YOU'LL BE ABLE TO AUTHENTICALLY SPRINKLE IT ELSEWHERE.

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Hi. I love the the changes u made to V 9268. I made this dress without any changes including sewing up the sides.

But I love how u left yours open. I don't really like the sides sewn up. Beautiful color.

I’ll havmake

Aug 26, 2022
Replying to

Awww I can’t believe I’m just seeing this. I would love to see your version of this dress. I feel like it tome to make another.

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