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I See It, I like It, I Want It, I Make It...Period!!

The wonderful beauty of creativity is having a super power that allows one to manifest what they've envisioned or recreate what they've seen, with their own twists of course. If you've read any of my blogs, saw any of my social media posts or stories, or even watched a video or should know by now I love bold colors and I loveeee prints, but have also taken a liking to monochromatic looks.

When Lady Michelle Obama showed up on Inauguration Day 2021 with that fabulous Plum and Burgundy outfit, I WAS BLOWN AWAY, not because it was something I'd never seen but because I could identify with the style, the grace, the poise, the confidence, and the class. I could feel the positive energy that ignited with every stride. The excitement grew each time she appeared on screen. I was going bananas over this very simplistic, yet extremely chic ensemble (major kudos to her stylist Meredith Koop and designer Sergio Hudson). I mean it was my kind of carrying on. Let's be honest, our forever FLOTUS set the bar high when it comes to fashion and females in politics (and I do know SHE IS NOT A POLITICIAN). To make a long story short....THE OUTFIT - I SAW IT, I LIKED IT, I WANTED IT (in that color - and if you go back in my IG post just a little, you'll see a monochromatic look I made using the wine color family - I was on to something then! HA!) and I MADE IT...PERIOD!!

Choosing to recreate this look, in my way, was an ode to Lady O and her team. Listen, the designer prices were way out of my ballpark (for now), however scissors, fabric, sewing machines, needle and thread were not. A week ago I took on the task of developing a schedule for my life by time blocking and guess what? I was able to use my time blocks to construct these garments. Not sure why I felt so connected to something (after all who was I really connecting to other than myself - lol) but I did and it felt darn good. My good good sista-friend encouraged me to get it done. I'm glad I listened.

I knew what I wanted with my look down to the little puff on the top of my sleeves and me-made belt. My love for a good turtleneck is insatiable, i was not changing that. My buckle was purchased from Tabitha Sewer. With a little pattern hacking, I created a look for me. A palazzo pant is probably my favorite pant. Why would I change the style? I decided to use the same fabric for the top, pants and belt, a techo knit fabric. It is absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Now let's talk inspiration. I'm inspired by that which will make me grow and/or be a better person. The idea is to evolve. When I saw the coat, I knew I had to make a wool coat. Side bar...STAY FOCUSED ...KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR ROAD...LOOKING IN SOMEONE ELSE'S LANE MAY CAUSE A COLLISION (of your thoughts and ideas). Choosing to recreate this look in my special way was energizing, invigorating and for some reason I felt like a SHERO (female superhero). I was fully committed after all I had to be, I have two young girls watching my every move.

I have no idea where this will all lead but I can say with full assurance I love the journey. Now knowing with a little patience, commitment, dedication, tenacity, endurance, perseverance and hardcore gut I can SEE IT, LIKE IT, WANT IT AND MAKE IT AND SO CAN YOU!!

Buckle for belt -

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