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The Face Behind the Name

Hello Love!!

My name is LaTisha Porter. I suspect you have come to this page because you want to know more about me. Welp, let me tell you. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where I currently reside. I am the mother of two amazing young black queens, Maiya Nicole and Makenzie Elise.

My love for all things fashion has been since I can remember. Although, I had not thought of it nor considered it until 2015 after thinking about my grandmother, who passed in 2012. I developed this insatiable desire to sew. You see, my grandmother was a seamstress as well as my mother and oldest aunt. The desire burned so badly in me that I began buying fabric and no I didn’t even have a sewing machine yet. (inserts laugh). Can you believe that? Life went on and I was gifted a sewing machine. Things really took off from there. With my mother by my side to groom and guide me…I began to delve into the wonderful world of dress making. Making my own clothes was becoming an amazing talent that I was cultivating.

The feeling I get upon entering the fabric store is nostalgic. It always takes me back to my childhood days where I remember combing the aisles with my mother in total amazement. Beautiful colors, textures and prints were everywhere. So I decided to make garments for women adding later both children and men. The choosing of my company's name, NicoleElise LLC,  was developed by my  desire to leave a legacy for my daughters using their   middle names, Nicole and Elise.

Everything I do and every move I make is made with the two beautiful gifts loaned to me here on earth and I hope as you browse the site, the blog post will inspire, the fabric will excite and the clothing will make you want and oder  that garment.


NicoleElise offers custom made clothing, accessories, and an array of beautiful fabric for purchase. We believe style comes from within and we aim to inspire your reflection in a comfy, classy, chic and bold way!!

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