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If You Can See It, You Can Achieve It

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I remember the first time I cut into a dress pattern. I had it down packed, so I I mean I thought I was a pro. After all I had been cutting PATTERN PIECES apart for my mother for a long time. Womp womp…I was clueless. However, a strong will and determination pushed me to complete the task. Aside from the sleeves which drove me nuts, my mom was my savior, the dress came out so beautifully.

After making a few dresses I hacked a pattern, McCall’s M7630 paired it with a circle skirt (self-drafted) and ultimately ended with my signature dress, The Sasha Maxi. To me, there is nothing more feminine than a woman in a beautiful flowy dress. Bright bold colors have always caught my eye as well as bright and bold patterns. These things are the nucleus of NicoleElise. We speak life, we give life.

What better way to showcase the Sasha Maxi than with this amazing multicolored techno knit fabric (hop over to the shop, the fabric is available for purchase). As I cut into the fabric it was like cutting into a nice steak, exuding all kinds of excitement. I could already see the finished product before my foot ever touched the sewing pedal. I wanted to feel like I was gone with the wind and the sleeves gave me that total effect. I doubled the sleeve pieces so you would see the outside inside also. Genius, right? I know I know, it’s nothing new but definitely something I love to do.

The Sasha Maxi is about womanhood, female-dom ( I know that isn’t a word lol) and feeling free. I love this dress touching or sweeping the floor. It was extremely important to me for this first blog post (PAUSE LET ME CATCH MY BREATH – I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT) to be about the Sasha Maxi and freedom. The feeling of freedom attained from wearing one of my dresses is amazing. One is not really free until they are able to express themselves and fashion is a form of expression.

Every color in this print speaks to me. It’s laced with love, wrapped in care and it speaks peace, growth, happiness, prosperity, wisdom and royalty.

The freedom I receive from creativity is indescribable. I allowed myself to take a new path later in life and am loving it. If there is something you want to do, DO IT, just as I did. The struggle, the pain, the growth the failures and the victories will all be worth it. Because there’s nothing more gratifying than achieving a goal.

Listen love, I want you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that in and of itself is freeing. So put on your dress or your slacks and walk tall. DREAM Big!


NicoleElise offers custom made clothing, accessories, and an array of beautiful fabric for purchase. We believe style comes from within and we aim to inspire your reflection in a comfy, classy, chic and bold way!!

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Kim Buck
Kim Buck
Aug 13, 2020

Your work is always impeccable I am super excited to support you!


Congratulations! We are so blessed by your inspiration! Continue to soar Sis!


Congratulations Sis.... that Sasha Maxi is gorgeous. Blessings for continued success in all you do 😘

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