Our 3 piece Lady O inspired look is sure to make a statement. Made of two way stretch techno knit fabric. Belt not included.


Turtleneck Top - Techno Knit Fabric

High Rise Palazzo Pants - Techno Knit

Duster /Coat - 100% wool (not available) or techno knit Color - Burgundy/Wine


Measurements needed: measuring - provide information using abbreviation and measurement in Custom Text field. (e.g. FB42)

Full bust (not bra size) - FB#

Top length (facing forward - measure from top of shoulder to hip) - TL#

Sleeve length (tip of shoulder to wrist) - S#

Neck circumference - N#

Bicep circumference - BC#

Coat length (top of shoulder to 1 inch above ankle) CL#

High waist (two inches above belly button) W#

Side pant seam (measure along outside of leg from high waist to floor) - SPS#

Stride length (inseam - determine by measuring along the inside of the leg below crotch to floor) - SL#

Front and Back rise (put on a loose fitting pair of pants - measure from bottom of crotch seam to end of waistband on both sides - front and back) - FR# BR#

Hips - H#

The Lady O inspired Look

  • Techno knit fabric - Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry low heat.